Monday, 28 May 2012

Bound Look book

After waiting for the glue to dry, Rose's look book is finally finished, I produced two mock versions however she took her copy before I could take a picture.

Binding Rose's look book

Stickers for swing tags

Because double sided printing came a little askew we decided to print stickers to correct the alignment. 

Preparing sheets for binding

Folding the sheets for Rose's handbook that I printed this morning. Getting the photography this late has seriously put a strain on the rest of my work, just goes to show it's not just about my time-management but that of other people as well. For hand-in I've enough to make 2 look books, one for myself and one for Rose, she needs hers by Tuesday though.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Swing tags

Printed the swing tags this morning on mount board double sided, as expected it's not perfectly aligned but a lot worse that I thought it was going to be, going to talk to Rose about using stickers with the info on to cover the mis-aligned info.

Look book cover

Can't spend as much time on this as i would of hoped but shouldn't probably spend too much time on it anyway, the photos have still not got back which means we're going to have to print this a day before her deadline, for once nothing is my fault but i'm still feeling the stress.

Look Book Cover

French fold/hidden pattern

Inside the french folds Lauren's  fabric pattern is printed, this is a nod towards hidden things that she implemented into her collection.

Lauren's look book bound!

Finally bound Lauren's look book, took me a few hours to get it right but finally got there, not only another 19 to go plus one for myself... however I now know how to do it propery so the next will probably be a lot quicker.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Binding Lauren's look book

Preparing to bind Lauren's look book which utilises french folds and uses a singer sew to be bound.

Lauren Carande mock up, matte stock.

Seen as I didn't have the Gfsmith stock to print on I had to go ahead and test print on 200gsm double sided matte stock. which turned out fine, a little hard to navigate through the book but I'm putting that down to the bul dog clips, off to vernon street to singer sew bind it.

After having a brief meeting, Lauren came up with the idea to have the pattern printed on the inside of the french folds to create a hidden element to the look book. Going to give this a go before Thursday's final crit.

Gfsmith order delay

So after ordering Lauren and Rose's stock on Wednesday, it failing to be delivered on Friday and their promise of a Monday morning delivery failing to come true I am now having to wait til Tuesday for the paper to arrive in the meantime I've printed Lauren's covers off on a matte stock. This has set me back almost 4 days with both look books but I'm hoping to get at least one of each printed for Thursdays final crit.

Credit page layout

Made a few amends to the original credit page (the bottom image) Still waiting for the contact details to be sent over for the people involved.

Rough mock up of Look book (Holohan)

A rough of Rose's lookbook with the pre-edit photography. Needed something as a foundation to work from and start a discussion with Rose, she's happy with the style of layout but commented on the credits page and the 1st page type, asking to switch the 'One' around with the logo.

Rough Mock

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Rose photo shoot

Myself and Rose art-directing the photo shoot for her collection earlier today, was a great experience and probably the most fun I've had whilst working hard. We had a deadline of 6pm to get Joe (model) out of there to get back to London, So we had about 4 hours to get through 6 outfits and getting the right shots and lighting for each one was a lot hard than expected. It's something I've always been interested in and I really enjoyed it so wouldn't mind been involved in more things like this, especially in the fashion industry.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Initial look book mock up

Since getting the pre-edit photos through I've been playing around with the layout in the format me and Lauren agreed on. I've arrived at a point where I'm starting to be happy with the direction of the layout by using two full bleed images on the two inner pages and making it minimal on the inside. The pocket idea still needs work but i'm going to see if I can get it to be as successful as Steph's idea.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Lasercut hangers

The laser cut hangers for Rose, was quite tricky lining the logo on each hanger as every other one was slightly different and I had to compensate and put in a little guess work, goes to show computers can't do everything themselves.  

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Type choices.

As I've decided on the name for the magazine, I've started to look into the typography for the logo type. After comparing several together I've chosen Aller, mainly because of its architectural connotations with the angles on the cross stroke of the 't' and it's simple but strong silhouette. 

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

swing tag print format / crop marks

Had to manually mark up crop marks so that I can cut out the double sided swing tags when I've printed on to the mount board, hopefully they won't be off to much and possibly only a few mm a skew if printing doesn't go perfect which usually doesn't when double side printing.

Final info on swing tags

FINAL Info Swing Tags

Final swing tag layout development

We discussed using a blue that was similar to the venetian wool Rose used in her garments but clashed too much. So I went ahead and suggested grey as it would suit most of the collection and compliment even the grey garments in her collection, the layout of the type had to be simple but still have an hierarchy, below are the slight stages of development I went through to get to the final design.  

Final Swing Tag Development

I am a Camera - Saatchi Gallery - Graphic thought facility

Fillip magazine

a special event for the sixteenth issue of Fillip magazine with contributing artist Olaf Nicolai, writer Patricia Reed, and Fillip Associate Editor Antonia Hirsch.

Colour is a major factor in a magazine’s “shelf appeal” and Fillip magazine, though a publication more aligned with academic journals, has more than a few times been advised to “go colour” in order to facilitate a larger sales volume.