Friday, 30 March 2012

Poster Series

 How the posters work as a series promoting a series of talks.

Poster Colour test

Testing using a contrasting colour in the bottom version to make particular elements contrast more. Think I'm going to keep it to two colours plus stock.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Development of poster layout

Binder 2

A2 triangulate talks poster devlopment

Playing around with the layout to work around the Triangulate logo that I want to remain prominent, also trying to make a similar layout style to the one I used on the publications.

Poster Dev 1

Triangulate Poster ideas

Idea generation for posters for the series of talks. Attempting to make the Triangulate logo prominent.

Initial spread layouts

Morey Talmor - Excavation

onLab - New Architecture in South Tyrol


Akko, Ambroise Std Francois, Klimax Std, Monopol, Tanger, Theinhardt

Birth of a book

Larissa Kasper

Project Projects — Rachel Uffner Gallery

Poster inspiration

New public spaces